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  • Moon Boot in a onesie!?

    Well it's been a productive few months to say the least!

    We've had several promotional events over the last 12 weeks which were a great success, spreading the word of our animal onesies to the masses.

    Our events in Manly and Parramatta saw record attendees, and we thank all of our customers for coming.

    We'd also like to send a special shout out to Gemma who attended our promotional event in Bondi, wearing a onesie over the top of her moon boot! She recently broke her ankle in a bushwalking accident and is required to wear the moon boot for 6 weeks, however she remained fully mobile whilst rocking our "White Tiger" onesie! We wish her the best in her recovery and look forward to seeing you all at our next round of promotional events.

    We will try upload a photo of Gemma shortly!

  • Trip to Japan

    A few weeks ago we took embarked on an incredible trip to Japan, to check out the latest Kigu/Onesies as well as explore all things Japanese.
    When it comes to Japan there are many things that symbolise the country - Cherry blossoms, the crane (symbol of peace), bonsai, origami, sushi, mount Fuji, bullet trains (and of course Kigurumi) are just a few.

    I'd like to tell you about one symbol of Japan which made our trip so easy and that is the Japanese Bullet Trains, otherwise known as the Shinkansen. On our trip we used the Shinkansen, which is a network of high-speed railways operated by the JR Group. It connects all parts of Japan and allows fast and convenient travel around Japan.

    The easiest way to explore Japan using the Shinkansen is by purchasing a Japan Rail Pass. This allows you unlimited travel on JR Trains and selected JR Buses & JR Ferries for 7, 14 or 21 consecutive days of travel. You also have the option to buy economy or green (first) class tickets for both adults and children. This was one of the best decisions we made on our trip.

    We purchased our JR Pass from Japan Rail Pass Now, who are Australia’s No.1 Choice for the Japan Rail Pass. We had a very pleasant experience and their Rail Specialists helped us plan our trip and make sure we made the most of our passes.

    On arrival we jumped on the Narita Express direct to Tokyo, which was also covered by the pass. In Tokyo we hung out in Shibuya and Shinkjuki where we enjoyed Karaoke well into the following morning.
    The next morning we headed down to Harajuku to hang out with some of the quirky locals – highly recommended! Some of the cosplay outfits here were incredible. We then headed to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka in this whirlwind trip.
    I will write up more later and post some photos from our trip but if you want great value for money on your trip we highly recommend that you purchase the Japan Rail Pass. You could end up saving $100’s and you also get access to JR Hotel Discounts too, which we made the most of. Can’t wait for our next trip back!

  • Get involved with Wild Onesie Week this June!

    This June throw on a onesie and support the WWF by signing up for Wild Onesie week.
    Wild Onesie week is an event set up by the WWF to raise awareness for endangered species and to raise funds for their critical work.
    We have plenty of Sazac Onesies in our store, so get one today and join the party.

    Wild Onesie Week runs from the 2nd-8th June 2014.

    You can find more information about the event here at Everyday Hero as well as set up a personal or team fundraising page or read up more about the WWF and their work at their own web site

    Get involved :)

    Wild Onesie Week

  • Christmas Onesies

    We have just released a range of Christmas onesies - perfect for Christmas parties or presents for the Kids.

    Choose from Santa, Snowman and 3 different coloured Reindeer onesies.

    We are sold out of last years Christmas Range, but we will bring them back in 2014!

  • Kids Onesie Range Launched Today

    Onesie Store, Australia’s leading provider of onesies and Kigurumi, today announced the launch of its kids onesie range.

    Andy McIntosh of Onesie Store said, “Today we are proud to announce our Kids range. We have two sizes catering for 2-5 year olds and 6-9 year olds. The past few months have been crazy with thousands of adult onesies out the door and we believe the Kids range will be very strong.”

    Onesie Store now stocks a range of 15 kid’s onesies including the Cow, Owl, Penguin, Snake, Tiger, Panda, Dinosaur and many more.
    “The Kids onesie will be a popular choice this Christmas. We have a number of new animals being created as well as some Christmas Onesies like Reindeer and Santa for the children. “, said Mr McIntosh.

    Onesie Store will also be adding a range of animal hats and hooded jumpers to the product line up in the lead up to Christmas.

    Kids Onesie range Kids Onesie range
  • Onesie Store hits up Trademark

    The Onesie Store crew were out on the town at Trademark's Jungle Party in Kings Cross, Sydney on Saturday night for the city's biggest Onesie Jungle Party!

    Onesie Store crew at Trademark, Sydney Onesie Store crew at Trademark, Sydney
    Panda and Wolf Onesies on the town! Panda and Wolf on the town!
    The monkey, fox and squirrel girls in their onesies! The monkey, fox and squirrel girls in their onesies!


    All the animals were getting wild on Saturday night. Check out our store today and throw your own Onesie party!

    Send your pics of you and your mates on the streets in our onesies to get featured on the site!

  • Launches in Australia

    Sydney, June 28, 2013 – Onesie Store today officially announced the that they will launch of its premier new web sites in Australia.  The Onesie Store specializes in high-quality Kigurumi and Animal Onesies.

    The demand for animal onesies has increased by over 500% -- according to research performed by Google Trends.  In order to curb this demand, the Onesies store has opened to the Australian public.

    Andy McIntosh is the owner and founder of the Onesies Store and stated that, "we are pleased with the demand for onesies and the constant flow of stock that is being purchased and moved out of the store". He especially prides himself in the high-quality product that customers are raving about

    The Onesie Store supplies and offers a full-range of animal onesies, including:

    Panda Onesies

    Lion Onesies

    Monkey Onesies

    Cow Onesies

    Santa Onesies

    Penguin Onesies

    and many more!

    Kid's animal onesies are currently being offered and are in stock.  Perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!

    Andy is very excited about the potential of the store and the different types of animal onesies that they can offer to the public. As demand increases, more variety of onesies will be available.

    Make sure to come to the website frequently to see new types of animal onesies.

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